The Sorrento Cape

From the Downtown to the very Cape
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Easy walk from the center of Sorrento which leads to the baths of Queen Giovanna, a place rich in history, attended since the Roman time.
Start from Piazza Torquato Tasso, take the road that leads to Piazza St. Antonio, the patron saint of Sorrento, to continue along Via Vittorio Veneto and Via Soprelemura, with magnificent views of the sea and the Gulf of Naples on the right. Continue to Via Capo which starts to the right and then up after about 700 meters to the left along Via Capodimonte. Cross the street nastro Verde, follow it to the right until you get to via Capo and continue to the left until you see the signs on the right leading to the sea through an easy path.
After a refreshing bath, you can return to Sorrento along Via Capo or by public transport.
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