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Cartotrekking was born in the 2011, with a dream to build a team of Walking guides, all along hiking lovers and mountain experts, we are English and Spanish speakers. We know and live these places since forever, we guided tourists along the paths of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula in the last four years. Cartotrekking works with tour operators specialized in active holidays, for weekly groups, and the best international agencies of tourism services. Our team has deep knowledge of the area, composed by experts in ecology and forest botany. The Cartotrekking team is also involved in territorial promotion through the analysis of regional studies and the creation of cartography and thematic maps.

Giovanni Caci

Master Degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences
Excursionist Guide / Nature Sciences Expert
Marco Marotta

Marco Marotta

Master degree in Forestry Science and Environment
Excursionist Guide / Gis Expert


Excursion and Environmental guides of the Campania region from 2011


At Work

Trekking in Capri, with a group of expert excursionists, descent from Anacapri through the famous “Passatello” . Trail reserved only to mountain experts.
“Small Group Adventures” from Canada, Michele show them the Napoli Gulf and the Salerno Gulf separated by the peninsula. Admirable view from the crest of the Trecalli Mount.
Going up from the Furore fjord, on the famous bridge where occur the plunge world tournament. Michele stops to explain to continue of the path on one of the map of “Carte & Guide” placed on the track than across the stairs of the “Volpe Pescatrice” lead up the tourist group on the ancient stairs of Furore.
Amalfi, Mills Fountain, the Monza CAI (Italian Alpin Group) group take a break to descend the path of the Mills Valley. They stop to fill the canteens and to listen something about the history of the Ancient Marine Republic, before continue across the main street and reach the Duomo. 


Excursion at the famous path of the Gods with a group of fantastic local boys, for a healthy walk throughout the magnificent landscapes of the Amalfi Coast.





Group photo with some very nice Korean excursionists, here on the “Piana della Pezza” of the Comune Mount, wonderful place where is possible to admire the Vesuvio with the Napoli gulf, Capri, Sorrento, Cilento and the Amalfi Coast, through wild orchids and pasture cows.




valle-ferriere-sorpresa-dolci-trekkingA deserved price for a couple of Swiss excursionists. Picnic in the Ferriere Valley with typical “ricotta e pera” (ricotta cheese and pear) sweats..somebody thought they didn’t arrive but after 3 hours of walk they did.








Trekking-imabrrata-neve-FerriereTrekking on the snow with a small temerarious group. Here we are at the “Imbarrata”. To the enter of the State Reserve of the Ferriere Valley from Agerola to a place around 1000m above sea level, walking across chestnut and beech woods.



1909285_10203364322289131_519798400403769784_oCartotrekking Time-Table 2014, enjoyable scaling at the mount Trecalli with a group of local follower to discover their own area. In the photo Giovanni guide them on the ancient rural stairs of Agerola.



cilento baia degli infreschi
Cartotrekking assignment to Cilento area, precisely at the path that from Marina di Camerota reach the two more beautiful beaches of Italy (Cala Bianca and Baia degli Infreschi). In the photo the group is waiting for the boat. The excursion ends with a boat tour of the wonderful caves situated on the coast. The boat bringback the excursionist at the start point.
escursioni in barca positano








gruppo valle delle ferriereExcursion at the magnificent Mills Valley behind Amalfi, to enter in this place it needs an authorization. Giovanni explain something about the geology and the botany of this unique place.



Cartotrekking is active on the major social media platforms to allow every person, in every part of the world, to share experiences and events that Team organizes, on the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento Peninsula and the Gulf of Naples.

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