Giustino Fortunato

Around all the Amalfi green Valley
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Naturalistic trail and very accessible for the fairly level, it join the villages of Pontone and Pogerola, both face the valley of Amalfi. Start from the main square of Pogerola, a small medieval suburb of Amalfi. You start walking through the typical houses of Amalfi and then gradually penetrate into the valley, between the typical vegetation of the area. You pass through chestnut woods, stream beds and forests of fens. There are numerous rivers that you meet along the way with small waterfalls that offer very characteristic glimpses: they are all streams that flow into the river Canneto. The route continues until arriving to the more intern point of the Ferriere valley, to the source called “Fic’ a Noce” where you cross the river Canneto who come from the Mount Cervigliano. Now the path continue in the direction of the sea. Here the vegetation changes becoming the typical Mediterranean one because of the exposure to the South. After passing through a small tunnel in the rock, you get to the church of Minuta in the city of Scala. From here take the stairs downhill until you reach the suburb of Pontone.


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