Ancient Sorrento Hamlets

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Pleasant walk between strategies of Sorrento, the discovery of one of the most famous places in the world. The walk is easy, since the urban hiking path carries for his entire life within the historical center of Sorrento. Part from the main square, Piazza Tasso, and continues first towards Piazza Angelina Lauro, to allow the crossing vertical dell’Agruminato, spectacular citrus gold that its main function is representative rather than productive, having been kept in the exact condition characteristics of a time . From here continue to Museo Correale, and then, the sea side, back to Piazza Tasso, to descend through the narrow alleys, the spectacular Cloister of St. Francis, where you enjoy the most picturesque view of the Gulf of Naples that you can have from Sorrento. The walk, here goes first to Marina Grande, the ancient port town. The route ends through the main course to arrive back at the starting point.
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