Vesuvio – Hell Valley

The trail starts from an altitude of 965 m and stretches alternating downhill and flat areas. Due to the nature of the track turns out to be the ideal route to observe the typical geological structure of the volcano-layer fence of Somma-Vesuvius. The Hell Valley separates the Mount Somma from the youngest volcano, Vesuvius, and is partly flooded by lava of the last eruption of 1944 colonized by lichen Stereocaulon vesuvianum. The visit to the Valley of Hell is a fascinating walk to discover the eastern side of the Somma-Vesuvius because here you can appreciate the grandeur of the volcanoes.
After getting off the Valley from the slope of Herculaneum, before you reach the Arena and the Natural Arch and then Cognoli di Levante on which there is the most beautiful formation of lava “string” of Vesuvius engraved by a deep fracture in which there are many species of fern and in which you can enter as if we were in the bowels of the Earth! The path may provide an extention going up to the Cognoli di Levante of Mount Somma: a beautiful panoramic ascent of one of the most scenic trails around the park! Once at the top you can descend to the valley along a path of lava and ash that leads back to the Arena with the Natural Arch.
Overall length: 7.000 m
Maximum altitude: 965 m
Travel time: 6 h
Difficulties : average 
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