The Ziro Tower

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From the main square of Pontone (Suburb of Scala, 258m) ancient staircases lead to the promontory that divides the two valleys of Amalfi and Atrani. After reaching the summit of Mount Aureo (400m) inside the pine forest you find the ruines of the Castle of Scalelle (1480 a.c.). Follow the ceramic signs walking along the cliff until you reach the path that leads to the wall equipped for climbing and finally to the famous Ziro tower built in 1151 a.c. The legend says that Joanna D’Aragona was imprisoned and murdered inside the tower, Duchess and wife of a Doge of Amalfi accused of betrayal of love. The trail is easy to follow and suitable for everyone, with a very peculiar view overlooking the sea and you can admire both the towns of Atrani and Amalfi.
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