Santa Maria ai Monti

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Pleasant path, with long flat sections, which leads from Agerola to the municipality of Scala, near Ravello, walking through chestnut woods and plateaus of high altitude. Starting near the tunnel (from Agerola) where you take the street adjacent to the Gallery Bar; just after the bar, take the left uphill along the road that leads to Colle S. Angelo. From here it joins along the High Path of Lattari Mountains, the path that runs all the Lattari Mountains, from Cava de ‘Tirreni to Punta Campanella. Continue across the crossroads and choose the right (left of the circuit 3 springs), then reach the entrance of the Reserve Valle delle Ferriere in “Imbarrata” and continue on the left towards “Channels” following the net. From here the path continues increasingly large and comfortable through the splendid population of Chestnut groves of the Reserve to the small square to a junction on the left leads to the Vrecciaro Spring (conjunction with circuit of 3 springs); exceed the square and continue straight, keeping the net of the Reserve on the right next to the junction that leads to the left in Santa Maria ai Monti (Scala) and right ends of the plateau Mostaculo. Then take the left and cross the plateau you get to the shelter portion of Santa Maria ai Monti. Continuing, leaving behind the shelter, it arrives in an extremely scenic place, with views of Scala, Ravello to the sea of ​​Amalfi. From here you can return by following the reverse path, or continuing downhill along a path with steps leading to the village of Scala where you can take the SITA bus to return to Agerola.

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