Sorrento was a place inhabited by humans as early as the Neolithic. Today the city still has the old Greek structure with the orthogonal decumani. Sorrento was in the imperial period an holiday resort of Ancient Roman patricians, arose here the “Villae Maritimae” fantastic residences with an outlet to a private beach. Today Sorrento has a touristic heritage with more than 100 complex, with 5 five-stars hotels and 37 four stars hotels. Sorrento is known for being the birthplace in 1544 of the poet and writer Torquato Tasso, author of the “Delivered Jerusalem”. Sorrento inspired by her beauty famous songs of the Neapolitan tradition like: “Come back to Sorrento” and “Anema e Core”. Countless the artists and writers who have praised the beauty of this city, until the late nineteenth century one of the pearls of the “Grand Tour”, attended by all the greatest rulers of Europe. Very important are the food and the wine linked to Sorrento, all along famous is the lemon variety where they get the “limoncello” drank in every corner of the world. Great is also the cheese tradition, with the “provolone del Monaco DOP”, and the pastry, with the “Lemon Delight”.