From a geological point of view, Capri is different from the other islands of the bay of Napoli; indeed it is made up by limestone rocks and so it has different kind of landscape than Ischia and Procida.
Once it was linked to the Sorrento Peninsula: this is proved by some fossils found on the island of big mammals, like Mammoth.  The island is placed on the ideal line that divide the bay of Napoli from the bay of Salerno, with a little strait that separate Capri from Campanella tip, named the “Mouth of Capri”.
The romans found during the excavation of the Imperials Villas remains dating from the Stone Age. The emperors Augusto and Tiberio built sumptuous Villas where they liked to spend time.
The coast is very jagged and there are several grottos possible to visit from the sea: the most famous is the “Blu grotto”.
Countless famous people were attracted by Capri, most of which decided to came to live on the island; nowadays it is still one of the most exclusive area of the world.