Giovanni Caci

Master Degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences

Giovanni was born in 1984 and still lives in one of the small towns located on the foothills of the Mount Vesuvius, called San Giorgio a Cremano.

His desire to broaden his knowledge in natural sciences led him to the University of Naples Federico II where he graduated in Forestry Science and Environment. After the studies he took part in a couple of EU projects abroad- in 2012 he worked for the CIEF (Forestal Experimentation Research Center) of Valencia working mainly on tree pathologies and seeds conservation and in 2013 guided foreign excursionists through the Dzukija National Park, the largest protected area in Lithuania.

Giovanni is now back to Italy, became a member of our Cartotrekking team and is fully involved in guiding all curious groups and individuals along the paths of the Amalfi Coast.