Mount Somma

This trail will take us on the ridges of Mount Somma, walking on the edge of the immense caldera formed during the eruption of the ancient Somma volcano before 79 AD. This fascinating circular route leads to Punta Nose, the highest peak of Mount Somma (1132). Along the way you will encounter first the essence of the broom, and then, along the ascent to the summit, the mesophilic forest of locust and chestnut in spring underpinned by the brightly colored inflorescences of red lily Vesuvius.
Along the path on the ridge you overcome before on the Cognoli of Trocchia (961 m above sea level) and then those of St. Anastasia (1086m above sea level) from which you can see from one side the Gulf of Naples and the Plain area in the north of Napoli, and the other the Reserve Tirone-Alto Vesuvio, the Great Cone of Vesuvius and Cognoli of Ottaviano. On the top you can enjoy a breathtaking view overlooking the valley of the Giant, where the lava flow in 1944 is particularly impressive, and with a bit of imagination you can see it flowing again! The last section of the size walk crosses lush woods of black locust, chestnut, oak, maple, alder and many other species and is affected by innovative works of natural engineering.
Total length: 9 km
Maximum altitude: 1132 m
Travel time: 6 h
Difficulty: Hiking
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