Mount Molare

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This is the path that goes to the summit of Mount Molar to 1,444 m above sea level, the highest point of Naples district. The walk goes along easy and well mainteined paths, passing for 300 CAI (High Path). The walk is of medium difficulty, despite the length of about 6 km. and a vertical drop of 700 m
From Via Locoli in Agerola, the first section is along an ancient road that connected Agerola to the Napoles area before 1900, when there were no tunnels through the mountain. Going up you reach “Crocelle” and here there is the union with the High Path of Lattari Mountains; then you continue following the signs of the CAI (as in Cartography) along an overhanging (Malo Passo) arranged with handrails. After this point, there is a small scale on the rocks until you come to the fork, to the right leads to the Monastery of St. Michael, turn left (as in cartography) and follow to the Grotto of the Holy Water. Then continue up to a junction where are marked deviations for the “Scalandrone” (not take), a highly dangerous stretch that connects briefly Mount Faito. Then follow the signs for the Monte Molare that leads through a steep path up to the highest peak of the Lattari Mountains.
After a break, go back to the fork for the Cross of the Distaff and turn left in the direction of the same. After the cross, and after starting the descent on rocks and Mediterranean bush, turn left and continue the steep path leading to the Forestryb Police hut. Here we continue left in the direction of Agerola, and you go before the deep valley Porto of Positano and then the majestic landslide of Monte Catello, after which you reach Capomuro where it presents a dilemma: on the left, follow the slope and you rejoins crossroad of Crocelle to the starting point, or you can go straight to Monte Tre Calli before reaching the drive way and follow to Piazza Paolo Capasso, Bomerano.
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