Mount Cerreto

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This route is easy to follow and with a duration of about 6 hours, starting from Scialli in Agerola, at the junction of Via Radicosa with the dirt road that goes up to the plateau of Pontichito (as in cartography). After reaching the latter place there is located in a crossroads, follow the road immediately to the left (the one that leads uphill), from there continue along the dirt road driveway, past the private chestnut wood on the left and begin to rise, keeping right (see maps).
Reached a square, leave the dirt road and pay attention to a rock marked with orange paint; take the trail that follows uphill to the “Hill of St. Anthony” (as in cartography), following the sign of orange, leading up to the ” Imbarrata ” (see map), place of union with the CAI 300 (Alta Via dei Monti Lattari). Here you go straight on, entering the dirt road driveway lined by wire mesh which borders the reserve of the Valle delle Ferriere; follow it until the next square, indicating the left fork to the Water Cold Spring here to pay attention a little further on the signboard CAI showing information for Mount Cerreto. Then take the slope on the left following the signs to the top of the hill above the mountain that overlooks the Gulf of Naples. Continue along the path CAI paying attention when you reach a crossroads characterized by the presence of mountain second houses, then take the road down to the right and go through the House of Megano (see maps) and straight, turning the mountain up to a next plateau deceptively leads to follow the road (straight direction) towards Gragnano, leave it again and pay attention to orange signs indicating to turn right. Here identified the marked path from such colors, start a gentle climb up to reach another plateau characterized by two large horizontal logs on the ground, follow the path to the right of the latter and reach the last square before beginning the walk up to Mount Cerreto, here take the path that leads to the left, always marked by orange signs and continue until you reach a small fork characterized by the steps, which lead down to Scala, and slightly to the left, uphill, lead to the plateau of Mount Cerreto.
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