High Way of the Mounts Lattari

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Long walk, starting from Scala, leads up to Gragnano, bypassing the mountains that divide Salerno from Naples District
Departure from the Cathedral of the town of Scala. It continues up the driveway leading to a car park near the church in Minuta. Here you take the stairs going towards Santa Maria dei Monti. The first stretch is uphill through Mediterranean shrub and chestnut woods.
After you reach a flat area near the sanctuary of Santa Maria ai Monti. Here we go inward and wanders the watershed following the side that turns to the left, up to the “Piana della Vecchia”, near the Vrucciaro spring. Here you can continue following the wide and clear forest road on the left leading to Imbarrata, then turn right and follow the path of the three springs to close this small ring back to the Vrucciaro spring, walking around Mount Cervigliano.
Alternatively, take an immediate right and after refreshing yourself with the pure waters of the spring, take again to the right, with a view to the Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples, and begins the descent towards Gragnano. After the first stretch through the woods you cross a path down a zig zag and leading to the end of the path.
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