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Very scenic route that starting from Agerola leads to the enchanting fjord of Furore, a narrow and picturesque valley carved by the river Schiato. You walk along the ancient staircases that from the mountains go down to the sea, once the only connection between the villages of the Amalfi Coast. Start from General Avitabile square in the hamlet of San Lazzaro (Agerola). Going along Miramare street nearby the restaurant Leonardos starts the path that is indicated by the red and white signs of the CAI. Continue downhill until a fork that on the right leads to the village of Tovere (suburb of Amalfi). Cross the village until you get on the highway 366 that leads from Agerola to Amalfi, after 300m take the stairs on the right leading to a chapel in the town of Conca dei Marini. Here starts the path of “Mad Bats” that leads to the small beach of the seaside village of the fjord of Furore. After a pleasant stop, even with a dip in the sea, you take the stairs that climb among the houses of the village until the suburb of Furore: Sant’Elia. Continue uphill to get in Summonti street and turn right to the highway 366, continuing for a short downhill section leading to the main square of Furore. From here you can return to Agerola with a SITA bus.
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