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The name of the path “Barbanera” (Blackbeard) come from the name of an astrologer lived in these places until the 50s while the name of the path “Agave in Fiore” (Bloomed Agave) come from the strong presence of the succulent plant. Starting from Paolo Capasso square in Agerola (630m above the sea level), specifically in the suburb of Bomerano, immediately take the path Pennino wich go along the river of the same name, after about 20 minutes you are at the ancient stairs of the Caves of Santa Barbara that go down at an altitude of 430m. From here you go through the path Barbanera that leads to Praiano. Continue on the path Agave in Fiore, among agaves and prickly pears wonderful examples of non-native plants perfectly adapted to the ecosystem, reaching the suburb of Furore: Sant’Elia. From here start the last path called “Volpe Pescatrice” (Fischer Fox) that leads right down inside the gorge of Furore. If you want from the fjord is possible to take the path “Pipistrelli Impazziti” (Mad Bats) that climbs into the valley of Furore until you reach the village of Tovere (suburb of Amalfi). For the brave ones is possible to return to San Lazzaro (Agerola) through stairs.
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