Cospita Monastery

a Medieval convent in Amalfi Coast
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Circuit of medium difficulty that leads to the ruins of a medieval monastery, built on a small strip of land overlooking Amalfi, with a remarkable view of the Gulf of Salerno.
It starts from Piazza Avitabile in the hamlet of San Lazzaro of Agerola. Take Radicosa street until the sharp left turn. Continue uphill on narrow concrete street. Near a small chapel turn left on a trail with steps. Continue up to the ridge (altitude 850) where you can enjoy the view of Amalfi and you can see down the ruins of Cospita. We continue on the path on earth downhill held upstream of a rock face. Where this is attenuated, bend sharply to the right (you cross the path 01 that also forms the elbow, but in the opposite direction. Do not take it). It now continues along the foot of the wall and head towards the ruins of the medieval convent of Cospita, now visible at the lower edge of a wooded ledge limited upstream and downstream by high cliffs.
Return to same route or by following the signs that lead to the base of the upper and parades that allow you to overcome it going up a steep gully (path medieval sometimes carved into the rock). This variant (only recommended to experts for difficulty) then reconnects to the mule track with steps used for arrival.
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