Path Vesuvius Alto Tirone, Riserva Forestale

Beautiful large and equipped trail in Forest Reserve which runs through the famous of gorses and looks for protection and naturalness of the most protected of the park. The narrow road stretches so mostly flat and runs through pine groves and holm oak. The path is lined by stone walls, it takes you through one of the most beautiful and scenic stretches of the Park which offers the continuously changing more closed areas, shade in the woods at times open and scrub, both dominated by Vesuvius view . Along the way you through beautiful volcanic formations such as lava tunnels and lavas rope and meet as many as 3 lava flows from the eruption of 1944 colonized by pioneer species including the famous lichen Vesuvius: Stereocaulon vesuvianum.
The input to the circuit is adjacent to the Laboratory Art and Mineralogical Vesuvius and well connected to the Vesuvius Observatory Museum and the dining facilities and picnic areas.
For the return journey retraces the path of going in reverse. In periods ranging from April to September, our Association organizes on part of this unforgettable trail twilight-night walks with beautiful overlooking the Bay of Naples illuminated.
Total length: 7,000 m / r
Maximum altitude: 625 m above sea level
Travel time: 6 h / r
Difficulty: easy / med
 “Associazione Vesuvio Natura da Esplorare”