Path of Fortini, wonderful path along the west side of the island of Capri from the lighthouse to the famous Blue Grotto.
Starting from the lighthouse of the town of Anacapri near Punta Carena, the extreme west of the island. From here it embarks on a path that runs along the sogliere its west coast. You walk immersed in the Mediterranean, with numerous ceramic descriptions of the species present in the site.
The trail name comes from the presence of so-called bunkers. These are the ancient structures already dating back to the Middle Ages period. They were used as watchtowers to defend themselves from the incursions of the Saracens. They were later rebuilt as small fortresses in the early nineteenth century. They were in fact used as lookout posts during the Napoleonic wars between the British and French who contended the island.
Along the way you can visit the 4 pillboxes: Orrico, Mesola and Pino Cannon.
The trail follows this rugged stretch of coast with landscapes overlooking the sea. They spend many fordi where you can also take a dip in the sea.
After about 3 hours of walking, we arrive at the end of the path, which coincides with the entrance to the Blue Grotto. If you want you can visit it, always depending on the sea conditions. This is the most famous cave of the island, a picturesque cave from which you access by sea, characterized by the cobalt blue of the water