Path that leads to the Vesuvius’s crater

The path that allows the rise to The Crater starts from the Park ticket office at an altitude of 1000m and reaches 1175m winding in a series of extremely scenic switchbacks that allow you to admire the ancient volcano of Mount Somma Vesuvius separated from the Valley of the Giant and Colle Umberto headquarters Volcanology Vesuvius Observatory, the first in Italy, founded in 1841. reached the Presidium of Volcanological Guides begins a flat section and go on to a path that has repeated views of the mouth of the crater. Reached the town Capannuccia go downhill on the south eastern side of the volcano reaching Piazzale located in the old town of Octavian. The panorama that can be admired is of rare beauty and the course allows you to completely circumnavigate the entire volcano Vesuvius and return to the starting point.
For the return is NOT retraces the path of going in reverse.
** For this excursion you need to add a supplement of 10,00 € / each for the purchase of the ticket for access to the crater.


Total length: 4,010 m / r
Maximum altitude 1175 m above sea level
Travel time: 3 h / r
Difficulty: medium

Associazione Vesuvio Natura da Esplorare