Along the “Alta via Monti Lattari” from agerola to Scala

This route leads to Monte Cerreto, the second highest peak of Monti Lattari. The route is easy to follow and takes about six hours. Departure from Location Shawls in Agerola, at the junction of Via Radicosa salt on the plateau of Pontichito. Through the first part of the path you come to a crossroads. Here you follow the road immediately to the left (uphill). It follows along the driveway gravel road past the private chestnut wood on the left.
It reached a square you leave the dirt road and keep right, following the trail that climbs up to the “Hill of St. Anthony”. Once on the hill you can admire spectacular views of Mount Vesuvius to the north, while to the west you extend the impressive Monte Faito. Following the white and red signs of CAI you get all ‘ “Imbarrata”. Here you cross and follow northward path CAI 300 (Alta Via dei Monti Lattari).
In this stretch the route crosses a nice aged chestnut coppice walking along a dirt road driveway. We are in the top of the reserve of the Valle delle Ferriere area. At the next square, bisgona pay attention to signs of CAI chart showing the signs to Mount Cerreto. The path now rises to the left following the sign CAI until it faces the Gulf of Naples.
At the crossroads characterized by the presence of two mountain homes, take the road that descends to the right and continues through the House of Megano. It works around the mountain until the next plateau deceptively leads to follow straight on towards the road to Gragnano. Allow it again and pay attention to the signs CAI indicating to turn right.
Here begin a slight climb until you reach another plateau characterized. Keep to the right of the latter to reach the last square. From here begins the ascent to the upstream Cerreto, ignoring a small bifurcation with the tiers that downhill lead to Scala. Upon reaching the top, the view opens out onto the surrounding territory, with Vesuvius to the north and to follow the Apennine mountains to the sea of ​​Maiori.