Hiking at the island of Capri, climbing the mount Solaro

Trekking Monte Solaro, at a time of the highest mountain of Capri. This route offers a marvelous view on the island and also on the whole Gulf of Naples and Salerno. Raising the head of the facts, you realize you have them perfectly in the face.
The trail follows the crests of the cliffs overlooking the sea, evidence of the tectonic evolution of the island (the fantastic limestone cliffs of Marmolada), which was once united in Punta Campanella. There are many sea birds, and reptiles that are encountered along the way, as well as a flora characterized by the Mediterranean, and, at the right time, even by rare species of orchids.
It starts from the port of Marina Grande, from where you can take a bus to the square of Anacapri, and follow Via Acquaviva, following the path of the Cross until the ‘Solar Observatory; from here follow the ridge on the right to Monte Solaro; reached the Belvedere Migliara, you can continue to Punta Carena and the Fortini, or go down again to the east, following the path of Passetiello to the square of Capri.