The mount Canino, know also as Middle mountain in the Monti Lattari regional park

This route is reserved for experienced mountain. In fact it provides, in recent times, a particular attention and climbing ability. You reach the top of Kanin (1350 m.), Also known as Monte di Mezzo, because of their location at the center of the Three Pizzi chain. With a drop of about 600 meters, and a length of 2 km and a half, the climb turns out to have an average gradient of about 40%, so decidedly difficult, but if you love the stunning views and the light air and spotless, is a path not to be missed.
It starts from Paipo town of Agerola, passed the “Casino” you have to park the car where the paved road ends (see Charts) and walk uphill along the dirt road, straight ahead until the path becomes a trail, from here we must follow the signs in the paint along the rocks and climb up to Capo Muro (see maps); reached this first stage, go straight in the northwest direction towards the summit of Monte Catello, and continue to climb until you reach 1200metri share, then following the path shown by the map, turn left and follow the top of the landslide (see maps) , around the rocky mountain and costeggiarla until you reach the ridge that divides the Monte Catello from Kanin, here keep left and climb to the summit of Monte di Mezzo. The return is scheduled for the same path