Walking along the old staircases in Capri

Scala Fenicia, ancient staircase leading from the port of Marina Grande in Capri to the village of Anacapri.
Brief but fascinating journey that from the port of Capri you can reach the village of Anacapri. It was once the only connection between the two villages, since the time of the Phoenicians.
It starts near the sports field of Capri and follow the stairs going uphill. Here you can enjoy a fantastic view which embraces the entire Gulf of Naples, from Ischia to Punta Campanella, to the town of Capri. Having reached the end of the path, you find the entrance of Villa San Michele, an ancient Roman construction Dovo lived the famous Swedish doctor Axel Munthe, one of the many lovers of the island of Capri, which can be visited.
Alternatively you can take the downhill scale, departing from and arriving in Anacapri Capri.