Loop hike, suitable for everyone, simple and full of art and culture, to discover the ancient romantic Ravello
The Ravello circuit is a circular path that brings us closer to one side in Ravello and its cultural treasures made up of churches, convents and ancient villas, dalla’altro offers us a beautiful landscape and magnificent views of the coast, as well as to the mountains’ internal.
It starts from the church of Santa Maria al Gradillo, continuing in the center of Ravello, passing by Villa Rufolo. It descends through the old streets leading to the church of St. Cosmas, from where begins a path characterized by passages in limestone caves now shelters for flocks of local pastors, and under the magnificent gardens of Villa Cimbrone. From here, walk down the main road from Pontone and Ravello, and follow it through the old street of stairs, to cut right on Piazza Fontana.
This route, simple and suitable for everyone, it is a path full of art, culture and history, the discovery of the “romance” that enclose the walls of the ancient village of Ravello and its Churches.