From Agerola to Amalfi through the “Maestra dei Villaggi” path

From Agerola to Amalfi along the Via Maestra Villages
Supreme Master via the Villages is an ancient road that connected that goes back to the times of the Duchy of Amalfi. So named because it connected, and connects this day, the main villages that populate the terraces between Agerola and Amalfi, passing Tovere, Vettica and Pogerola. It will be part of the project “The Way of the Mediterranean”, connecting the most beautiful coasts of the Peninsula.
high-path value both from the historical point of view landscape, which gives the opportunity to “walk” between uses of the local population, being able to steal as it has adapted to the steep slopes that characterize the area of ​​the Amalfi Coast. Along the trail you can also enjoy breathtaking views, with steep cliffs to the villages of the coast, with a look that never deviates from the sea below.
It crosses, first the Mediterranean, characterized mainly by the holm oak, which gradually descends, will give way to the strawberry tree and carob; also they cross the terraces planted with Mediterranean garden, and partly abandoned with accommodation features for olive groves, and the impressive limestone cliffs. The last stretch through the village of Lone along its narrow lanes, through the various churches that characterize each village.
The tour ends when you get to the sea level in the ancient streets of Amalfi, which open in the cathedral square.
Here are several ways to reach the beaches of Duoglio, or that of Amalfi. A dip in the clear blue sea is the icing on the cake after a pleasant hike through the ancient pedestrian roads of the Amalfi Coast.
Conveniently it is possible to return directly to the streets in San Lazzaro with the races of the SITA bus.