theMalacoccola, amazing path in Sorrento Peninsula

The Malacoccola, scenic route of trekking in the Sorrento Peninsula
Trekking to Malacoccola, on the trail of the Via dei Monti Lattari. From Sant’Agata sui due Golfi where you follow a secondary driveway. Here you enter the rural area, surrounded by orchards and olive groves.
The first part of the path through the pine forest of Tore, where you walk along the ridge of this stretch of the Sorrento peninsula, with the sea on both sides. After a short stretch of the driveway you will reach a place called Colli di Fontanelle. From here you turn into the CAI path of the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari, which crosses the peninsula throughout its length.
And here that the scenarios are changing completely. The trail heads towards the sea and the vegetation becomes sparse. Immersed in the low maquis, landscapes open with glorious views amazing. Looking to the north you can admire the Gulf of Naples with Mount Vesuvius, followed eastward from the Peninsula with the three peaks of Monte Sant’Angelo and the sea to the south with its immensity. Along this coast you can admire the lush blooms during the spring period, but also numerous and colorful butterflies.
From now on the path continues towards the west, along the sea again for a long stretch. Here we are right in front of the archipelago of Li Galli islands, also known as the sirenuse. In fact, legend has it that right here dwelled mythological sirens. Once on the hill, San Martin, here is that open new vistas. Here the view extends to the tip of Campanella and the island of Capri, with the unmistakable stacks.
After a stretch slightly challenging downhill, the path back again comfortable. Through olive groves and Mediterranean bush, the path is within the small village of Torca, only to rejoin the starting point in the square of Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi.