The Valley of Praia in Praiano city, passing by the magnificient convent of San Domenico

Trek in the Valley towards Praia Praiano, within its green valley and passing by the St. Dominic Convent, a place with beautiful landscape
A pleasant hike in Praia valley, through a rich Mediterranean vegetation. It will reach the picturesque village of Praiano, before recovering to Agerola passing a fifteenth century monastery.
The route starts from Piazza Paolo Capasso Agerola (hamlet of Bomerano) where you take via Pennino. After 300 m, at some stone steps, you turn left, in the direction of the nib path. Take the stairs, follow the numerous wooden signs placed on the course. After about 500 meters downhill, along the river Pennino, lead to the foot of the Cave of S. Barbara. Here starts the path n. 14. Just past the cave, you will come across an intersection, you take to the right, continuing on the narrow flight of stairs, downhill.
The tour then continues in a first section that alternates runway stairs on rocky outcrops, until you reach after approximately 500 m at a crossroads, beneath an abandoned house. Continue along the main path until you get to the village of Praiano.
you can begin the climb that leads to the stairs to the convent of San Domenico and the church of St. Mary in Castro, that you can visit after getting refreshed and rested,. The climb continues climbing until you reach the Path of the Gods. Here turn right until you get to Colle Serra, and then continue towards Agerola to return to the starting point where the tour ends.
With a duration of about 3 hours and a half to six kilometers in length, the route offers beautiful scenery, including natural vegetation and ancient historical sites.