The Ziro tower a guided path in one of the more panoramic point of Amalfi coast

The Ziro Tower, a guided tour of trekking between Amalfi and Atrani, one of the most beautiful sights of the Amalfi coast
The excursion to the Tower of Ziro starts from the square of Pontone (Scala County, 258 m). Here ancient staircases lead to the promontory that divides the valleys of Amalfi and Atrani. We are in one of the first settlements of the Amalfi Coast, dating from the fourth century A.D. The route runs along the old pedestrian streets that were once the only means of communication between the various villages of the Coast.

After reaching the summit of Mount Aureo (400 m.), The whole of the pine forest, are the ruins of the Castle Scalelle 1480. This promontory is indeed a strategic place for the sighting and defense being surrounded by steep cliffs.

After a brief visit to the ancient ruins of the fort, we continue along the trail that winds through the pine forest. You arrive to the viewpoint, where you can admire a unique landscape. From here it is possible to see from it that Atrani Amalfi, and the Tower of Ziro.

Following the signs in ceramaica, it runs along the cliff until you reach the path that leads to the equipped wall for climbing, then get to the famous Tower of the Ziro built in 1151. Here the legend has it that she was imprisoned Joan of Aragon, Duchess of time and wife of a Doge of Amalfi. Accused of betrayal of love, Giovanna was killed in the tower with their children. For the people of Amalfi is a very mysterious place, where he probably still roams the ghost of poor duchess.

The trail is easy to follow and suitable for all, with a very peculiar landscape that overlooks the sea and you can admire both the towns of Atrani and Amalfi