Short hike that ends at the mermaids bay in Sorrento Peninsula

Short hike that ends in the bay with the sirens in front of the island of Capri
Trekking Sorrento Peninsula at a time of Jeranto Bay, one of the most beautiful places present on the Sorrento Peninsula. Located in the town of Sorrento, it is part of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Punta Campanella. The bay from the end of ‘800 until 1952 was a quarry for limestone extraction. Now managed by the FAI, it is a suitable place to retrace a journey into the past through the ancient industrial monuments that were used to extract limestone to carry in Naples for steelworks.
The departure is from the square of Nerano (fraction of Massa Lubrense). Follow the road leading to Marina del Cantone, where the right is the trail entrance with a slightly uphill start. After a while we go to the house that was inhabited by British writer Norman Douglas who found inspiration here for his Sirenland. From here you can admire the view of the beach of Marina del Cantone with its cobalt blue sea. The trail continues downhill through stretches of the Mediterranean and on the right you have the hiker large limestone cliffs of Mount San Costanzo.
You come to a junction where you walk down to the right of the staircases that reach right down to the Bay; on the left, continue towards the Montalto tower. Following the ladder steps you arrive at the beach of Capitiello. Here the water is beautiful, ideal for a dip with the beautiful view of Capri and the Faraglioni in front of him. To trace it follows the route that passes through the olive groves managed by the FAI. Here you can admire magnificent specimens of trees and an example of lemon with the characteristic cover “Pagliarella”. You get then back at the fork to ‘beginning of staircases where continuing into the same road you return to the square of Nerano.