Hike to the Mills Valley, to discover the history of the ancient republic of Amalfi with its paper mills and nature

Excursion to the Valley of the Mills, Discover the history of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, with its old paper mills and nature
With a trekking guide in Amalfi Coast to visit the Valle dei Mulini in Amalfi. The shorter and easier route to the Integral Reserve of Valle delle Ferriere. Choosing from Amalfi you will face the uphill path purely with the descent back to the starting point via the stairways. Or you can choose to start from Pontone situated higher up and back down to the Valley finishing the route in the center of Amalfi.
Starting from the small square of Pontone you follow the signs to the Valle delle Ferriere, also known as “Valley of the Mills”. It passes through the small medieval village hamlet of Scala, the oldest town on the Amalfi Coast. It then turns into the path after a short stretch of rolling stock. Along the first part of the path you can enjoy the view of Amalfi from a single point of view walking through the lemon groves, typical cultivation of these places.
After about an hour’s walk you reach a junction where you turn right towards the strict nature reserve. Along the river Canneto, you get to the place most famous with its waterfalls and its rare plants.
On rainy days it is easier to catch a glimpse of the “newt”, fascinating endemic amphibian that lives year-round in the reserve. then it goes back to the previous intersection and you walk on the downhill path in the direction of Amalfi. Here we go round the ruins of the old paper mills that produced the famous “Carta d’Amalfi”. After about an hour of walking it will arrive near the Paper Museum.
We are at this point already in the center of Amalfi. In five minutes you reach the Duomo and the adjacent piazza Flavio Gioia you can take a SITA bus that takes 10 minutes to Pontone. Otherwise you can end the way reaching the starting point along the ancient staircases uphill.