Discovering Praiano and Furore, hamlets of the Amalfi Coast

Discovering Praiano and Furore, towns of the Amalfi Coast, through trekking path Blackbeard and Agave in Fiore
The Blackbeard path owes its name to an astrologer he lived in these places until the 50s while the path of Agave in Fiore owes its strong presence of the succulent plant.
Starting from Piazza Paolo Capasso Agerola (630m), precisely in the hamlet of Bomerano, take immediately Pennino Path. Along the namesake river, in about 20 minutes you arrive to the ancient steps of the Caves of Santa Barbara (430m altitude). From there it continues towards Blackbeard path leading to Praiano. Before arriving in the center turn left, where he begins the scenic trail that overcomes the Positano state. We are located along the path of Agave in bloom, surrounded by agaves and prickly pears. These are some wonderful examples of non-native plants perfectly adapted Mediterranean ecosystem. At the locality Sant’Elia Furore, take one last trail called the monkfish Volpe leading into the Fjord of Furore.
From the fjord you can go on to the shaded “Trail of Crazy Bats” that winds within the valley of Furore until you reach the village of Tovere (fraction of Amalfi). For the more daring you can go to the village of San Lazzaro (Agerola) following the climb stairs.
One of the little known but beautiful hiking trails of the Amalfi Coast, beautiful, with amazing transitions between Celo and sea, surrounded by nature with escurionistiche guides, from Furore Praiano.