Following the steps of the General Avitabile, An hike between Agerola and Furore

In the footsteps of General Avitabile, recommend trips trekking in Agerola and Furore to discover
A beautiful path that links the history, culture and nature, making Trekking to Agerola.
Reached the town Tuoro (South West suburbs of San Lazzaro di Agerola) take the paved cross coming down on the side of the winding-Penise Schiato canyon. Finished the asphalt, we continue straight ahead, with the easy path (also known as Abu Tabela Path) walking to the base of the rock wall. After about 700 m you reach the bottom of the gorge and near the ruins of an old mill, it is crossed with a jump the narrow rocky bed of the river. Passed on the other side, you walk at altitude until you reach the first houses of Furore (locality Pino).
Here the path becomes a paved road that should be followed until you reach the Provincial that descends from Agerola to Amalfi. Deviating on it on the left, follow it for about 800 m, and, just before the next bend, turn right onto Via Le Marelle; at its end (about 300 m), it passes under the cliffs of Pizzo Corvo. The road ends in a square from which it takes a small ramp of stairs on the right. It leads to a trail that, alternating stretches flat and uphill sections, dates back to Bomerano along the East side of the Valley Praia. It continues at the base of the high cliff that descends from Punta Corona, of which it follows the foot with a steep flight of steps, sometimes bumpy.
We come to a shrine (with tiles representing St. Barbara and Our Lady of Pompeii), beyond which the path is clear and well arranged (Path Pennino). Following it upstream, and ignoring the deviations that occur on the left, after about 500 m you reach Via Pennino and, therefore, the Piazza Paolo Capasso, Bomerano.
For the return to St. Lazarus you can use the bus SITA

Circa 2 ore e 30 min.

Da San Lazzaro a Bomerano e viceversa: circa 4,5 Km

T | Turistico

+ 180 m | – 230 m